Tire Track, LLC
Tire Tracking
  • Track Tire Performance
  • Track Cost Per Mile/32nd
  • Improve Inventory Control
  • Improve Purchase Decisions
  • Improve Maintenance Decisions
  • Improve Data Accuracy vs. Branding
  • Deter Theft

The patented Tire-Track ID UnitTM, developed by TIRE-TRACK LLC, is a Permanent Rubber Barcode Label specifically designed for tires and other rubber products. Simply explained, the ID UNIT (Rubber Barcode Label) replaces “Hot Branding” with a sequential barcode that can be read by any barcode scanner and works seamlessly with any Fleet Maintenance, Tire Tracking or Dealer's Retread Software. Once a tire is barcoded, the Fleet Manager can “Scan, Track and Manage the tires, just like any other piece of inventory". To learn more about the Tire-Track ID UnitTM and the benefits of tire tracking, please click the Overview and Products page or Contact Us for specific questions.

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