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VL-ID Unit

The VL-ID UNIT is a permanent all-rubber barcode label specifically designed for tires and other surfaces, it is constructed similar to a repair patch.  Unlike traditional "peel-n-stick" or other rubber labels, the information is cut into it, so it can't rub-off.  It is chemically or heat vulcanized to a dismounted tire. The VL-ID UNIT has been tested and easily survives the retread process.


Heat Clamp

The Tire-Track HeatClamp is a proprietary tool specifically designed to heat vulcanize The VL-ID UNIT to the tire. The bond is 4x stronger than a chemically vulcanized bond and requires 50% fewer installation steps.

Non-Tire Applications

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The VL-ID UNIT can be attached to Electical Linesman's Gloves, Wire Covers and many other products with industrial SuperGlue. Please contact us for more information.

Demo Kits..."Try Before You Buy"

Tire-Track Demo Kit

Demo Kits are available so that you can test and evaluate our product prior to placing your 1st order.

If you would like a FREE SAMPLE, call us now @ 1-800-227-5592.

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