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Which ID UNIT is Right For You?

The ID UNITS are permanent all-rubber barcode labels specifically designed for tires and other surfaces. The ID UNIT replaces tire branding. They are constructed similarly to a repair patch. Unlike traditional "peel-n-stick", or other rubber labels, the information is cut into the rubber so it's extremely durable. The ID UNITS can be chemically or heat vulcanized to a dismounted tire. They have been tested and easily survive all of the retread processes. The CVL, HVL and RF-ID Units can contain your company name, logo or ID, barcode or eye-readable number. Although our ID UNITS appear similar, they all use a proprietary bonding gum for various applications. Please review each product and contact us with any questions.

Tires and Rims


ID-ID Unit

The ID-ID UNIT is an ink-printed rubber label that makes it very easy to identify your tires to help prevent theft and ensure your tires are returned from the dealer. It does not have a unique serial #, just Your Company Name, Logo or ID. It is available in a variety of colors and can either be Chemically or Heat Vulcanized to the tire.


VL-ID Unit

The CVL-ID UNIT is a thinner, more flexible ID UNIT designed to be either chemically (12 lbs of adhesion) or heat vulcanized (30 lbs of adhesion) to the tire.


VL-ID Unit

The HVL-ID UNIT is our premium product, it is specifically designed to be Heat Vulcanized to the outside of the tire with either our HeatClamp or during the retread process. It provides the strongest bond to the tire (65 lbs of adhesion).


RF-ID Unit

The RF-ID UNIT is our newest and most complex product.  It utilizes an industry approved RFID Spring Antenna Sensor.  The Unique Serial number is then duplicated as a Barcode and Eye-Readable Number.  The RF-ID UNIT must be Heat Vulcanized to the tire.


Heat Clamp

The Tire-Track HeatClamp is a proprietary tool specifically designed to heat vulcanize the ID UNIT to the tire, which is 5x stronger than a chemically vulcanized bond.



Available in March 2023. The RiM-ID UNIT is a patent pending permanent barcode label specifically designed for Fleets that want to track and manage their rims. The RiM-ID UNIT is hammered on to the rim similar to a wheel weight but adds no meaningful weight and does not damage the rim. The barcode easily survives the re-finishing process.

Rubber Gloves, Boots and Other Safety Products


GL-ID Unit

The GL-ID UNIT is an ink-printed rubber label that utilizes a proprietary bonding gum that easily heat vulcanizes to the glove.



The SGL-ID UNIT is an engraved rubber barcode label specifically designed for gloves, boots and other rubber products. It contains a sequential barcode, Company Name or ID.

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Demo Kits..."Try Before You Buy"

Tire-Track Demo Kit

Demo Kits are available so that you can test and evaluate our product prior to placing your 1st order.

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