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If you do not currently have a tire tracking program, or a Fleet Maintenance with a tire module but are interested,
TIRE-TRACK, LLC has developed strategic partnerships with other leaders in the Fleet Maintenance Software business.
Please “click” on the link to access further information and be sure to ask for the special “Partner Pricing”.

Tire Tracking Solutions

Track My tread






Track My Tread™ is TCI®; Tire Centers' revolutionary cradle to grave asset tracking and accountability system that will help save money and make the right decisions. Track My Tread™ is a fully integrated solution that links information from customer locations, the tire manufacturer, the retread plant and servicing tire dealers. This information is used to provide customers with complete asset accountability, automated ordering, inventory management, simplified billing, SmartFleet™ reporting and true total lifecycle costs.

For additional information contact fleetsolutions@tirecenters.com

TCI Tire Centers is one of the country's premier commercial tire service networks. With more than 20 years of experience we provide customized solutions to meet the tire management needs of commercial truck fleets operating locally, regionally and nationally.

Products & Services: New Tires, Retreads, ERS, Asset Tracking Solution, Online Account Information.

Revolution Squarerigger Software is proud to offer the newest, most innovative and efficient tire tracking and management system available anywhere. We combined an intelligent software application with wireless electronic data gathering tools into a total automated process --- Revolution™. For more information, please visit us at www.revolutiontms.com or at (800) 677-3139.

Budini Incorporated

Budini Incorporated is a company entirely specialized in developing, testing and perfecting software technology to measure, test and extend the life of commercial tires, ultimately resulting in cost reductions in terms of tires and fuel, a higher degree of safety and as a by-product environmental benefits in reduced CO2 emissions.

Budini's tire management and performance optimization solutions are comprised by a combination of software applications, data collection tools, skills training, tested and proven tire management processes and highly specialized services. For more information please visit www.budini.com or call 1-888-9-BUDINI (1-888-928-3464)


Squarerigger Inc.: www.squarerigger.com
Squarerigger Software provides robust, scalable fleet information management solutions for public and private fleets of all sizes. Vehicle Tracker maintains PM schedules, manages inventory for multiple locations, tire tracking and integrates with other accounting, dispatch, and fuel systems. For more information, please call us at (800) 677-3139.

Dossier Fleet Maintenance Software

Dossier Systems software is one of America’s best known and most widely used fleet maintenance programs for on and off road commercial fleets. We currently work with more than 3500 fleets. Dossier’s automated Tire Management system works seamlessly with Tire-Track's tire ID products to make tracking and managing your tires even easier.  For more information call us (609) 747-8800, email improvemyfleet@dossiersystemsinc.com or visit our web site for a free online demonstration at www.dossiersystemsinc.com.

RTA Fleet Management Software Ron Turley & Assoc. (RTA): www.rtafleet.com RTA Fleet Maintenance Software is barcode friendly and Tire Friendly. If you are currently in the need of fleet maintenance software with a fully integrated tire module, please call Ron Turley Associates Inc. at (800) 279-0549.

Collective Data

Collective Data Corp.: www.collectivedata.com
CollectiveData provides powerful, easy to use maintenance management software designed around the unique needs of the user. Schedule, track and report on: work orders, PM schedules and histories, inventories, tires, fuel and much more. A host of modules including GPS and motor pool are available. Free demo download at website. For more information, please call us at (800) 750-7638.

If you would like a FREE SAMPLE, call us now @ 1-800-227-5592.

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