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If you do not currently have a tire tracking program, or a Fleet Maintenance with a tire module but are interested, TIRE-TRACK, LLC has developed strategic partnerships with other leaders in the Fleet Maintenance Software business. Please “click” on the links to access further information and be sure to ask for the special “Partner Pricing”.

Stand-Alone Tire Tracking Software Programs

Squarerigger Software

Revolution TMS: Revolution TMS is a full-service tire tracking and management system. It tracks tires from cradle to grave so you always know every vehicle a tire has been on, every position it’s been in, how long it was there and how much tread was consumed while it was there. Revolution uses wireless inspection equipment to gather electronic tread depth and tire pressure readings as part of an automated inspection process. Revolution also boasts a robust reporting engine that can tell you everything from your cost per mile (km) for a given vehicle or tire to mismatched tires active in your fleet, or even tires approaching their pull points as well as many other vital metrics. For more information, please visit us at www.revolutiontms.com or at (800) 677-3139.

Budini Incorporated

Budini Incorporated is a company entirely specialized in developing, testing and perfecting software technology to measure, test and extend the life of commercial tires, ultimately resulting in cost reductions in terms of tires and fuel, a higher degree of safety and as a by-product environmental benefits in reduced CO2 emissions.

Budini's tire management and performance optimization solutions are comprised by a combination of software applications, data collection tools, skills training, tested and proven tire management processes and highly specialized services. For more information please visit www.budini.com or call 1-888-9-BUDINI (1-888-928-3464).

Complete Fleet Maintenance Software that Includes a Tire Module

Dossier Systems

Dossier Systems is a recognized pioneer and leading provider of intuitive fleet maintenance management software solutions for the surface transportation industry. Founded in 1979 by experienced fleet managers and executives, Dossier Systems has real-world experience and know-how of what it takes to own and manage a fleet at all levels, from the shop floor to the board room. Dossier’s automated Tire Management system works seamlessly with Tire-Track’s tire ID products to make tracking and managing your tires much easier. For more information email, improvemyfleet@dossiersystems.com or visit our website, dossiersystemsinc.com.


RTA Fleet Management Software: www.rtafleet.com.
RTA Fleet Management Software improves shop and equipment productivity, extends asset life, maximizes operational efficiency, tracks data and improves your fleet operation’s bottom line. If you are currently in the need of fleet maintenance software with a fully integrated tire module, please call RTA Fleet Management Software at (800) 279-0549.

Squarerigger Software

SQ7 Vehicle Maintenance: The SQ-7 Fleet Maintenance software program is used by fleets of all sizes. It gives you the power to more accurately analyze and report critical information about vehicles, equipment, staff and operations. Keep your costs under control, and keep your organization running smoothly. For more information, please call us at (800) 677-3139. www.squarerigger.com or at (800) 677-3139.

Collective Data Corp

CollectiveData provides powerful, easy to use maintenance management software designed around the unique needs of the user. Schedule, track and report on: work orders, PM schedules and histories, inventories, tires, fuel and much more. A host of modules including GPS and motor pool are available. Free demo download at website. For more information, please call us at (800) 750-7638 or visit our website at www.collectivedata.com.

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