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TIRE-TRACK LLC offers two (2) different ID UNITSTM for your specific needs….
Which ID UNIT is right for you?

  Tire Tracking   CVL-ID UNIT:
The CVL-ID UNIT is a permanent all-rubber bar code label specifically designed for tires, it is constructed similar to a repair patch.  Unlike traditional "peel-n-stick"  or other rubber labels, the information is cut into it, so it can't rub-off.  It is heat vulcanized to a dismounted tire with the aid of the Tire-Track HeatClamp or by the Envelope/Chamber during the retread process. The ID UNIT has been tested in all of the major retread processes.

The CVL-ID UNIT is intended for those fleets that retread their tires.

  Tire Branding   SI-ID UNIT:
The SI-ID UNIT is an all rubber bar code label designed for "harsh environments" that can be applied to almost any surface, including tires. It is intended for applications where a traditional "peel-n-stick" vinyl label or anodized aluminum plate either does not work or isn't appropriate. The SI is not affected by pressure washers, cleaners or degreasers and is ideal for sanitary applications. The SI is bonded to the surface with industrial "superglue." The bond is incredibly strong, quick and easy to apply.

The SI-ID UNIT does not withstand the retread process; therefore it is intended for those fleets that do not retread their tires.

  Tire-Track HeatClamp   HeatClamp:
The Tire-Track HeatClamp is a proprietary tool specifically designed to heat vulcanize the CVL-ID UNIT to the tire. The bond is 4x stronger than a chemically vulcanized bond and requires 50% fewer installation steps.

  Demo Kit   DEMO KITS:
Demo Kits are available for both the CVL and SI Product(s). Each kit includes 15 samples and everything you need to properly apply them.
(Contents may vary).

  Tire Tracking Programs   SAS:
For those customers who are interested in RFID technology, TIRE-TRACK LLC offers the option of including an industry approved RFID tag in either ID Unit.  The RFID tag contains the same number that is presented on the barcode and eye-readable number; therefore, there are multiple means of identifying the tire. 

The SAS chip is Gen2 compliant.

This product is still under development and is not yet ready for commercial sale.

If you would like a FREE SAMPLE, call us now @ 1-800-227-5592.

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